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Dates to be finalized in mid March. Note Durango is now only included in the 65 day extension option

Copper Canyon RV Tours 2020

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Join Vagabundos del Mar & Caravanas de Mexico for one of the worlds great railway journeys to Spectacular Copper Canyon. For the Spring 2020 season, we are offering a 30 day trip. Our tour includes a 4 day all inclusive Copper Canyon segment along with tours & meals in El Fuerte, San Carlos & Mazatlan. Copper Canyon in January / February can be cool, so unlike our competitors, we provide a nice warm week on the beach in Teacapan & Mazatlan after the Canyon, with included tours there. This trip offers a Colonial City West Coast beaches extension of an extra 35 days. You may find a schedule of this seasons Copper Canyon tours by selecting the "Tours" button above. If you are interested in our longer caravans, select the "Long Caravans" button above. See Copper Canyon Article.



More Details

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Note: Our prices are per rig based on 2 people. They are based on the Canadian dollar, but quoted in both US & Canadian. There is a reduction for singles and a surcharge for 3 or more.

Our 2020 Copper Canyon trip leaves in mid January and is 30 days long.

If you snowbird in the SW USA, this is an easy side trip for you, without giving up your long term spot. This route is OK of for larger rigs

A la Carte Tours

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For those already in Mexico, we offer "a la carte" selections of any portion of our tours. For example, if you wish to join us in El Fuerte using your own means to get there, we will sell you just the Copper Canyon portion (approx $750 US pp). Or Copper Canyon plus the activities in El Fuerte, for an additional charge. You may also select our day tours in Mazatlan, Alamos or San Carlos. Contact us for more information & prices. You can check the itinerary page on our main web site for the dates we are at various locations.

We also do a few trips per year out of other Mexican locations through our local "travel clubs" using buses or flights. Not only to Copper Canyon and in both English & French. Travel Club locations include Puerto Vallarta & Oaxaca. If you are in those areas we can put you in touch with them.

If you are already in Mexico or planning to RV on your own, with advance notice, we will also sell you any of the tours en route scheduled with our longer caravans, such as the Monarch Butterfly Reserve or city tours (if space is available). Check with us for pricing.




You will require a vehicle permit (we assist) and you may have to pay a $200-$400 US deposit on your vehicle. This will be returned to you when you cross back into the US. In Spring especially, you will require warm clothing for the cold nights in Copper Canyon (It can drop below freezing at night). You will also require good footwear and a bathing suit. Never fear, you have a week to roast on the beach in Mazatlan afterwards.

You will need passports, vehicle registration papers, Mexican vehicle Insurance, and you have to get a Mexican Tourist card (we assist).

All size rigs are OK for this trip, except those towed by Semi's (HDT's) . ULSD diesel should be available everywhere by Dec 2018, However, we have list from Pemex of stations that are supposedly selling it along this route. Reliable pet sitting can be arranged for the Copper Canyon portion.

Included in our Tours

A 4 day Copper Canyon tour, including the first class train, first class hotels, meals, drinks, entertainment & tours. RV Park Fees in Mazatlan and other stops, Tours in Mazatlan, San Carlos and in Spring, Alamos. Several meals. Be careful when comparing. When we say tours we generally mean full day tours. Many companies will use the term "events" so it sounds like a lot more. The tip off is when there are more than the number of days in the trip. They are counting every stop on a tour as a separate event or even including things like group meals or happy hours. It is not necessarily an attempt to deceive, however you need to make sure you are comparing oranges to oranges. Compare

Not sure about Caravans? Check out my Sept 2014 RV Times article: Caravans Also my article on Copper Canyon from July 2015 Copper Canyon For interviews with our customers click HERE


Our customers safety is our first consideration. We utilize toll highways as much as possible. Your chance of having an accident is far reduced, and they are easier on your rig. There are not a lot of tolls on this route and some wagon masters may opt for utilizing the free roads on some sections he is familiar with if there is a consensus. Our tours are usually escorted by the Green Angels, the Mexican equivalent of AAA. They are excellent mechanics and are in radio contact with the police and Mexico city. They do not charge for labor, only parts. Certain tours with only a few rigs may not have Green Angel escorts, but they can be summoned in case of problems. You will be pre-notified if this is the case. As far as drug cartels are concerned, I have yet to see one in 10 years of RVing in Mexico. You are not a target, unless of course you are involved in drugs yourself. The dangers to tourists are highly overblown.